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Art Temple

Entertainment Website

This is a website for an art company called Art Temple and was created using Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It allows users to showcase their art and design work onto the website. Users will be able to create a portfolio and show their artwork to other users in various ways such as a slideshow or a gallery. The website is a multi-page with some buttons linking to other pages on the site. There is a form at the bottom of the page that allows you to create an account and even contact the Art Temple company. The navigation menu bar for the website is in the form of a sidebar located within the hamburger menu only.

Date: Fall 2016
Category: Art / Entertainment

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Rebranding / Design

This is a rebranding project to rebrand Sephora and make the brand new and adaptable. The main challenge was to rebrand the company without straying too far from their current brand presence. The new brand theme for Sephora was known as fierce and the imagery definitely showcases the fierce attitude. A new logo was created to give Sephora a new look while allowing consumers to still be able to recognize the business.

The process book created for the rebranding project includes new business cards, advertisements, uniforms, signage, and more.

Date: Spring 2016
Category: Rebranding / Design

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Adulting 101

Educational Website

Adulting 101 is a website made using Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, and PHP. Users can learn first-hand the requirements and the fundamentals of living on your own for the first time. There is a classes section that you can go to that shows different lessons and tips on things such as managing time, finances, cooking, and more.

Date: February 2017
Category: Educational

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Chamber Music International

Music Website

This is a website that was created using Wordpress, Photoshop, Illutrator, HTML, and CSS. It was a group project consisting of me, Tammy, Tenika, Ari, Cristian, and Rolfe and the client was Chamber Music International. We were tasked to revamp their already exisiting website to make it more user friendly, responsive, and overall look better.

Chamber Music International is a nonprofit organization that offers beautiful, classical music through performances and musical education programs in Richardson and the Dallas Metroplex. Their website needed to be revamped and after months of hard work, they were happy with the end result.

Date: March 2017
Category: Music

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Uniq Fashion

Informational Website

This is a site concept for a fashion news company called Uniq Fashion that was created using Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It allows users to keep up with the latest trends, new styles and brands, and new happening in the fashion industry. Users can find a lot of new articles under the "Fashion News" dropdown which contains categories like Top Trending, Style, and Fashion Week. When you click on one of them, there's a little mini bar at the top allowing easy navigation between the categories.

Date: Fall 2015
Category: Fashion / Information

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The Gray Wolf

Infograph / Educational

This is an infographic I created on the Gray Wolf. It elaborates on some interesting facts about the Gray Wolf such as location, diet, sprinting speed, biting force, and even their earliest ancestor. I used illustrator to create this and added the large wolf to capture the attention of the viewer. I also included a forest of trees in the background since wolves tend to stay in the woods.

Date: February 2017
Category: Educational

Robreno Design

After Effects Animation

This is a motion graphic created using Adobe After Effects. I went with a technology theme and added a circuit board effect along with my brand logo, Robreno Design. The music adds a suspense vibe to the animation and has the viewer anticipating what's to come toward the end of the intro.

Date: September 2017
Category: Animation

Wild for the Night

Collateral / Event Poster

This poster series was created around July 2017 for a fictitious event for in Dallas, Tx. The event poster briefly describes an EDM event called Wild for the Night, which also includes the date, time and location of the event. Adobe Photoshop was used to create the 3 backgrounds with the tiger, swan and deer, and Adobe Illustrator was used to create the text, the layout and the logos.

Date: Summer 2017
Category: Music

Photo Manipulation

Digital Art

These are a collection of digital art projects I created using photoshop. In my spare time, I like to create digital artwork with both photoshop and illustrator. I'm always finding new ways to practice and strengthening my skills and creating digital artwork is another way of continuing that. My artwork is often base on real events that happened in history or personal happenings in my life. Some of my creations also stem from mythologies, legends, comic book characters, and other fictional subjects.


Digital Art

These are a collection of digital art projects I created using illustrator. In my spare time, I like to create digital artwork with both photoshop and illustrator. I'm always finding new ways to practice and strengthening my skills and creating digital artwork is another way of continuing that. The illustrative projects are mostly mythical or tv show related. Photoshop has always intrigued me more than Illustrator, but I'm always open to learning and attempting new avenues of creation.

Rise N Grind

Ecommerce Website

Rise N Grind is the place for any online bike shopping that caters towards all bike lovers from all over the country. The website includes a broad selection of bicycles from mountain bikes to bmx bikes. Users can browse for bikes along with some bike parts and accessories. The cart uses Paypal for all transactions, so users can pay using that payment platform. There’s also a “news” section where users can keep up to date on any biking news and/or events.

Date: August 2017
Category: Ecommerce

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Silk Elements

Product Cards for Sally Beauty

These are some product cards that I helped create for Sally Beauty during my internship at Cimone Key Creative Studio. I used Illustrator and Indesign to design the cards and used photoshop to mask and edit both the product images and the model photo. The first image shows the first card with the Silk Element products. The second image shows the second card with the L.O.C. Method for maximum moisture using the Pure Oils by Silk Elements. The third image is the back of both the first and second card.

Date: August 2017
Category: Beauty

Design Skills

Skills in both Web Design and Graphic Design

HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

The basic programming languages for websites including content and style.

Bootstrap & Wordpress

Template programs used for both coders and non-coders.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design allows for websites to adapt to different size screens from desktop to phone.


Adobe program used for various types of image manipulation, gif creating, and more.


Adobe program used for vector based art, logo design, illustrations, and more.


The Adobe program used for creating layouts for brochures, magazines, etc.


My name is Gabriel Robreno and I am Robreno Design. I am a Web and Graphic designer from Garland, Texas, and I specialize in front-end web designing along with Wordpress and UI/UX design. MY skills extend beyond web design, with logos, branding, ads, and digital art using Photoshop.

I've always had a passion for art and have carried a sketchbook with me for many years. I also had an interest in technology and loved to find out new things I could do on my computer. Once I started college in 2014, I knew graphic and web design was the field for me. I loved the concept of incorporating my art into poster, logos, advertisements, and even websites. In my spare time, I continue to exercise my skills by setting new challenges and developing new skills. As I get closer to graduation, my one goal is to become successful and reach new levels in anything I decide to do.



Logo Design & Branding

For start up businesses or those looking for re-branding. A logo is the face and symbol of the brand and replicate's a company's image and character.

Mobile App & Responsive Design

Responsive design that boosts the user experience for any website for both desktop websites and apps.

Web Design & UI/UX

Designing unique websites focused toward the needs and experience of the user and target audience.

Animation Development

Animations can often boost the quality of a website. They also tend to draw attention to most users.

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